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The Rams don't know who they're going to draft with the No. 1 pick

Oh well, it's not like they gave up a gazillion draft picks to get it right.

TRADE FALLOUT: What the Rams-Titans trade means for the 2016 NFL Draft. The blockbuster deal means the Rams are going after a quarterback, with Wentz the likely choice. It means the Titans get a chance to rebuild in a hurry, and it somehow means the Cleveland Browns are kind of screwed. The Rams are expected to draft a quarterback, but they apparently haven't decided who.

TOO HIGH OF A PRICE? The Rams forgot the lesson of the RG3 trade. The Rams were the poster child for why a bunch of picks can be better than one high pick. Now they're giving up a bunch of picks for one high pick, even though the NFL draft's QB class hasn't drawn rave reviews.

IT'S STILL A JEFF FISHER TEAMEven Rams fans are still predicting a 7-9 finish to the season. Trade or not, there's only so much optimism for a Jeff Fisher-coached team. But at least the fans are pretty excited about the trade.

TENNESSEE'S NEW PICKWho will the Titans take at pick 15? Good question. At least, Mel Kiper approves of the Titans trade.

NEW DRAFT ORDERHere's the complete 2016 NFL Draft order, updated in the wake of Thursday's big trade.

THE SCHEDULE IS OUT: The 2016 NFL regular season schedule it out! And of course it was all announced in a prime-time television spectacle.


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HARVIN RETIRES: Percy Harvin retires from pro football. He'd had a standing contract offer from the Bills (and others) for several weeks.

TROUBLE IN NINER LAND? Brian Baldinger hears problems between Chip Kelly, Trent Baalke. That report comes with a big question mark attached to it, but would anyone really be that surprised?

KAEPERNICK TRADE UPDATEFormer GM thinks Colin Kaepernick-to-Broncos is done, pending 49ers drafting quarterback. He seems to think the salary issues we have heard about are not nearly as big a problem as we might think.

THE NEXT GREAT LATE-ROUND RUNNING BACKDeAndre Washington owes his NFL future to a torn ACL. DeAndre Washington says a torn ACL during his freshman year at Texas Tech for instilled the kind of mentality that could make him the next great late round NFL running back.

RED FLAGS: There is no formula for how GMs judge NFL prospects with red flags. Teams do their homework on NFL prospects, but it's often about luck more than anything.

OFFENSIVE WEAPONNavy's Keenan Reynolds is more than just one of the NFL Draft's most interesting prospects. Let's talk to the greatest service academy player since Roger Staubach. He has a lot of options, per usual.