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NFL Draft order 2016: Where each team picks in tonight's 1st round

The NFL Draft is here! Or at least it's almost here.

The 2016 NFL Draft is hours away, and all eyes are on the Los Angeles Rams, the team with the top overall pick. They weren't the worst team in the league last season -- that honor went to the Tennessee Titans -- but the Rams felt strongly enough about at least one player in this class that they gave up a whole lot of draft picks to take the top spot.

Los Angeles gave up multiple first-round picks and several Day 2 picks this year and next for the right to draft first overall. That put the Cleveland Browns, picking No. 2 overall, on notice, as many expect the Rams will take a quarterback.

Cleveland was also expected to take a QB, but without the guarantee of having their man available, they went ahead and traded their pick to the Philadelphia Eagles. Most assume a pair of quarterbacks will be taken atop the draft, which certainly shakes up the top 10 quite a bit.

Will teams like the San Francisco 49ers and Browns ultimately lose out on getting starting quarterbacks in the draft due to these trades? Or will there be a surprise in the top two and a player like Laremy Tunsil or Joey Bosa goes? Tunsil is one of the best offensive tackle prospects in a very long time and Bosa leads an incredibly talented class along the defensive line.

This year's draft gets underway at 8 p.m. ET and will be carried live on ESPN and the NFL Network from Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. Below, we've got a list of all the teams picking in the first round and where their picks are.

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