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Laremy Tunsil's Twitter account posted a video of him smoking a bong minutes before the NFL Draft

Somebody attempted to sabotage the offensive lineman's draft stock with a video, and it's apparently working.

With mere minutes before the start of the NFL Draft, a video of potential top-three pick Laremy Tunsil taking a rip from a bong attached to a gas mask was posted to the offensive lineman's Twitter account.

Here is the video in full, which shows the Ole Miss product removing the gas mask, confirming his identity.

Tunsil was eventually drafted by the Miami Dolphins at No. 13, but his draft stock took a big spill after the video came to light.  Tunsil was considered by some to be the No. 1 prospect in the draft, and projected to be selected as high as No. 3 by the San Diego Chargers, but the Chargers took defensive lineman Joey Bosa instead. At No. 6, the Ravens selected Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley instead of Tunsil. Several sources reported that the Ravens considered Tunsil, but wavered after the video was posted.

The Titans traded to the No. 8 spot to take Michigan State offensive tackle Jack Conklin instead of Tunsil. Considered the best offensive lineman in the draft by most analysts, he was eventually the third OT off the board.

It's not clear who posted the video. When asked during the draft, Tunsil said he did not know who posted the video, but that it wasn't him. The video was quickly deleted, and within minutes, so was Tunsil's entire account. It was most likely somebody with access to the account trying to undercut the prospect. Some speculated that it was his stepfather, who is in the midst of a legal battle with Tunsil.

The video was clearly not live -- Tunsil is at the NFL Draft in Chicago, not wearing a white shirt. When asked, Tunsil said the video was filmed several years ago.

Tunsil's possible connection with marijuana was known. Fellow potential first-round pick Robert Nkemdiche told NFL teams that Tunsil was in the room with him when Nkemdiche was charged with possession of marijuana.

After being selected by the Dolphins, Tunsil said he would "show everybody what a great person" he is during his NFL career.