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Packers draft UCLA defensive lineman Kenny Clark with No. 27 pick

Clark will add to the Packers defensive line.

The Green Bay Packers selected UCLA defensive lineman Kenny Clark with the No. 27 pick, shoring up the defensive line.

Green Bay was No. 21 against the run in 2015 and allowed 4.5 yards per carry, the fourth-worst mark in the NFL. Clark, a 6'3, 318 pound defensive tackle offers some versatility for the Packers to work with and could play some nose tackle or even kick out to defensive end in the team's 3-4 defense.

Clark was once a high school wrestler and he used that kind of leverage and power to bulldoze through Pac-12 offensive lineman and earn two All Pac-12 nods.

The Packers struggled to find consistency at the linebacker position and eventually kicked Clay Matthews out to outside linebacker where he began his career. But with more space eaters in the middle of the defense, it should free up the pass rushers to have more opportunities, which could help players like Nick Perry.