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The NFL will soon welcome the final Gronkowski brother

Rob Gronkowski's youngest brother, Glenn, is projected to be a late-round pick in this year's draft.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Gronkowski family might go down as one of the great football families of our time. Three of the brothers have already played in the NFL, and another one may soon join them.

Glenn Gronkowski, the youngest of the five, declared for the draft earlier this year. Though all of the Gronkowski siblings have nearly identical builds -- "jacked beyond belief" is the technical term -- the similarities between them as football players are difficult to find. Rob Gronkowski has ascended to superstardom ever since the Patriots drafted him in the second round in 2010, but his older brother, Dan, flamed out after four seasons. Chris Gronkowski only lasted four seasons, too, after the Dallas Cowboys signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2010.

It's unfair to compare the other Gronkowski brothers to Rob, but that's the price of being born into the family. Given all of the other perks, it seems to be a fair trade-off.

Is Glenn Gronkowski as good as Rob?

No. Glenn, a three-year fullback at Kansas State, is projected to be a late-round pick. He only carried the ball 16 times in his career, but did show a proclivity to make big plays from time to time. He averaged 24.6 yards on 15 receptions, which is the highest average in Kansas State history among players with at least 15 catches.

Last season, Glenn carried the ball 11 times for 45 yards while catching five passes for 76 yards. He only ran the ball and recorded a reception in the same game on four occasions.

Though the youngest Gronkowski was productive whenever he had the ball in his hands, it's clear the Wildcats decided he was best used on a limited basis. NFL teams likely view Glenn as a spare part, too, considering clubs are scouting him at both fullback and tight end. At 6'3, 234 pounds, if Baby Gronk is going to make it in the NFL, it will probably have to be as a multi-faceted option.

Is Glenn Gronkowski as fun as Rob?

No. Glenn, who didn't attend the Gronk Party Cruise, says his older brother sets a tough example to follow.

"He’s crazy, obviously," Glenn said at the Combine. "He loves to have fun. I’m probably not as much fun as him. That’s kind of hard to beat."

That's not to say the youngest Gronk doesn't goof around, though. Last month, for example, he allowed UFC's Rashad Evans to put him in a very painful chokehold.

"Wow. Wow. If you had done anymore, you would've knocked me out for sure," Glenn said, via CBS Sports. "I would take a practice punch, but I'm sure you'd knock me out in one second."

Glenn is also prone to some of the endearing verbal missteps that plague other members of his family as well. In a January Buffalo News profile, he couldn't pronounce the name of Ravens fullback Kyle Juszczyk, a player he says he's often compared to.

"Kyle Zu ... Baltimore Ravens fullback," Glenn said. "J or Z. Something crazy. Zu-check or something. A lot of people have been comparing me to him. I heard that’s not a bad thing, that’s what they’re saying."

Interestingly enough, Glenn says he isn't receiving any draft advice from his older brothers.

"Not much," Glenn told Evans in an interview for CBS Sports. "They had to go through the process, so they're making me go through the process."

Which team is expected to draft him?

Unsurprisingly, the New England Patriots are reportedly interested in snatching up Rob's younger brother. The Pats met with him at the Senior Bowl in January and kept close eyes on him at the Combine. In addition to Rob, the Patriots also signed Dan in 2011, though he didn't last a full season.

The Denver Broncos, who signed both Chris and Dan, may also be a fit for him. Last month, Gary Kubiak spoke about his desire to add a fullback.

"There will be some [fullbacks] on the roster," Kubiak said, via "Hopefully we have a couple going into camp and we can get back to some of those two-back things. Those guys are hard to come by. They really are. I think in the draft this year there are a few guys. I'm excited about that. We'd like to have one of those guys be a part of our roster."

Given the war of words between the Broncos and Patriots in recent months -- Rob said in January that Broncos players like to "give low blows" -- it would take the term "sibling rivalry" to the next level if Glenn were to start his NFL career in Denver.