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Ezekiel Elliott is flying up Mel Kiper's draft board

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The Ezekiel Elliott hype train is leaving the station! The legendary mock drafter bumped the Ohio State running back all the way into the top-10 picks in his latest mock.

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RUNNING BACKS ARE BACKEzekiel Elliott is flying up draft boards. Well, mock draft boards anyway. Mel Kiper has him going sixth overall to the Ravens. Yes, Elliot is a very good runner, but what NFL teams will also like is that he's polished as a blocker and receiver.

RAVENS NEED A RUNNERBaltimore Ravens running back depth chart is the biggest question on offense. Are we really sure that all the Baltimore Ravens need is an improved Buck Allen, a rejuvenated Terrance West and a healthy Justin Forsett?

GOFF TO THE NINERS: Mel Kiper really wants the 49ers to draft a quarterback. The Hair Man's latest mock draft had Carson Wentz going No. 2 to the Browns and Jared Goff falling to seventh for the 49ers. However, not everyone is convinced the 49ers will draft a QB.

WENTZ TO THE BROWNSIf the Browns do go with Carson Wentz in the draft ... Having RG3 on the roster would give him at least a season to learn the position before getting tossed onto the bonfire like so many other Cleveland QBs.

RG3'S UNBELIEVABLY BELIEVABLE WELCOMERobert Griffin III admits he has "a massive chip on (his) shoulder. I know the history, a little bit, of Cleveland," Griffin said. "Guys sometimes don't want to come here. I wanted to come here." However, RG3 disagrees with his socks. Stay humble.

FREE ADVICE: Some friendly advice for Colin Kaepernick. SB Nation's NFL podcast returns! This week Danny Kelly, Stephen White and RVB are talking about the league's big QB shuffle, the draft and more!


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DRAFT AND DEVELOP: Even NFL coaches and GMs can't agree on the best way to train NFL rookies. There is no one way to do things, but everyone has an opinion.

NO WORRIES ABOUT TUNSILThe NFL isn't worried about likely No. 1 pick Laremy Tunsil's NCAA run-in. The league has bigger things to worry about than whether a player took a few extra benefits, according to the pros.

ALABAMA'S BIG BACK: Derrick Henry isn't the bulldozer you think he is. The Alabama running back is a big, big man, but he plays so smooth.

COCKROACH ON THE LINE: Jack Conklin will cockroach a man, and that’s why he should be an NFL Draft first-rounder. The Michigan State left tackle will probably have to move inside to guard or over to right tackle in the NFL, says retired NFL defensive end Stephen White. But Conklin's salty demeanor is part of what makes him a perfect fit on the offensive line.

OFFICER GRONK: Rob Gronkowski is now the law, get ready for party duty. You have the right to remain hype.

FRUSTRATION IN CINCY? Is Bengals owner Mike Brown Bengals impatient with Marvin Lewis? Marvin Lewis has led the Bengals to five consecutive playoff appearances, but he has yet to win a playoff game. Reported locker room buzz says that ownership is impatient with Cincinnati's head coach.

OAKLAND SIGNS NELSONRaiders sign free agent safety Reggie Nelson. It's not going to be easy to replace Charles Woodson, but Oakland's offseason moves to bolster their secondary are looking good.

THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FORMike Sims-Walker offered to take blame for Brandon Marshall. Ex-NFL receiver Mike Sims-Walker says he offered to take any blame for an encounter at a nightclub over which Jets receiver Brandon Marshall is being sued.

WATT WON'T BE HERE FOREVERJ.J. Watt says he's not going to play "terribly much longer." Texans fans panicked, but read between the lines here.