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Connor Cook is really Bo Callahan, the quarterback from 'Draft Day'

Another case of life imitating art?

When the Kevin Costner movie Draft Day was released two years ago, many speculated that the top NFL prospect in the film was loosely based on Johnny Manziel. Shockingly, a super-talented quarterback with character concerns that cost him the chance of being the No. 1 overall pick is something people could associate with the embattled Manziel.

While some details of the Bo Callahan character seemingly fit with Manziel, the movie was actually prescient regarding another quarterback. Because the real life version of Bo Callahan is a prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft: Michigan State's Connor Cook.

1) Physical similarities

Callahan -- or, at least Josh Pence, the actor who played him -- is 6'3. Cook is just an inch taller at 6'4, compared to a much shorter Johnny Manziel, who stands at 6'0. Both Callahan and Cook are also blond and look like they could have a successful career as a surfer if the whole quarterback thing doesn't quite work out.

2) Big Ten connections

Callahan was a prospect out of Wisconsin and Cook is from Michigan State -- both deep in the heart of Big Ten country. Manziel, of course, played at Texas A&M in the SEC. Cook's connection with the conference goes way back: his father played tight end for Indiana in the '80s.

3) Leadership questions

Can we talk about how none of Callahan's teammates came to his 21st birthday party? Do you know how many players are on a college football team? FBS schools are allowed up to 85 scholarship players, and that's not including walk-ons. And not ONE of those guys celebrated the star quarterback's birthday?!

There's a reason that incident bothered Browns general manager Kevin Costner so much -- it speaks volumes about a guy's character when the rest of the team can't stand to be around him. The leader of a team is supposed to have a good relationship with his teammates and a friendship on and off the field.

Cook decided to stay at Michigan State through his senior year, yet was noticeably missing in the official list of captains heading into the season. He talked at the NFL Combine about how the team had a committee with a rotating group of captains, and that he was voted captain four times during the season. Still, his teammates didn't vote him a permanent captain.

He seemed upset at the barrage of questions about not being a captain, saying more than once, "If you want to go back and talk to any of my teammates and ask them if I was a great leader, they would say yes."

And he even acknowledged that the captain issue could lead to other questions, "People might think, ‘Oh, he doesn't get along with his teammates,' which couldn't be further from the truth."

Someone should have asked Cook if any of his teammates came to his birthday party.

* * *

On Gruden's QB Camp show, ESPN analyst Jon Gruden asked Cook, "How the hell are you not the first pick in this draft?" Probably because Bo Callahan never was either.