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A fake Twitter account tried to resuscitate Jason Campbell's NFL career

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It's a very weird hoax.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When the Indianapolis Colts wanted to sign Jason Campbell last November, the journeyman quarterback turned them down because he was "just kind of chilling." But six months later, someone else assumed his identity on Twitter and told the world that Campbell was ready to get back on the gridiron.

He's not coming back to the NFL. The tweet posted Wednesday was a fake, albeit a very thorough one that went so far as to include pictures of Campbell working out.

The fake Campbell tweeted Wednesday he's ready to play again this season. Those words were in stark contrast to what he previously told ESPN 980 in Washington D.C., when he said he was contemplating his next career move.

"You're playing football for so many years -- you're always gone, you're always on the road, doing different things, and you never get a chance to spend that time with your family," Campbell said, via the Washington Post. "And you look up, and 10 years have went by. Your nephews aren't three no more; they're 13."

Instability marked Campbell's NFL career, as he played for seven different coaches in 10 years. When he played, he led his teams to a 32-47 record in 79 career starts.

Campbell is most remembered for the first four years of his career in Washington, where he started 52 games after getting drafted No. 25 overall in 2005. He improved steadily throughout his time in the nation's capital, notching a career-best 86.4 quarterback rating in his final season there. But Washington only produced one winning season with Campbell under center, and he was traded to the Oakland Raiders for a fourth-round pick after a 4-12 campaign.