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The Saints seem just fine with Drew Brees' $30 million cap hit and pending free agency

Just a well-run organization all around.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Could the Saints really let Drew Brees become a free agent? The Saints approached Brees' agent, Tom Condon, about restructuring his contract -- and its $30 million cap hit this year -- earlier in the offseason, but since then they haven't made any mention of it to Condon or his client. His deal expires after this season, so this raises all kinds of questions about his future in New Orleans, and the usual question of who the hell is in charge of the Saints' salary cap in the first place.

KUUUUUUUUUHN! Are the Packers parting ways with John Kuhn? We don't spend much time talking about fullbacks, but we'll make an exception for Kuhn, the Packers' 33-year-old bulldozer and currently an unrestricted free agent. Green Bay has reportedly made the decision to go into the 2016 without No. 30 for the first time in nearly a decade. However, there are also reports that the Packers are interested in bringing Kuhn back this season.

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIESRicardo Lockette: Big hits, big catches, big thank you. A great tribute to the Seahawks receiver who announced his retirement on Thursday.

VIDEO GAMES GET GRONK'DRob Gronkowski to be featured on cover of Madden '17. Everyone's favorite tight end is about to go head-to-head against everyone's favorite curse. He picked the Sharks to make the Western Conference Finals because "Sharks are scary." And he was right.

JERRY JONES IS NOT A FAN OF MARK DAVISJerry Jones wants the Raiders to move to Vegas, and he wants them to do it without Mark Davis. Mike Freeman has a temperature check of the owners and finds a growing level of support for putting a team, the Raiders, in Las Vegas, albeit with a few holdouts like Giants owner John Mara. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the one really pushing for the move, but he's reportedly pretty firm in his belief that Mark Davis is not the right man to own that team.

AIR BARRYBack in the '90s, Barry Sanders dunked on fools. Put down the remote son, Barry says it's time to go to school.

CLARICE THE CHEESEHEADPackers have another fan in Hollywood: Jodie Foster. Didn't think you'd see an actress and a talk show host wearing cheeseheads today, did you?

CHANNEL OCHOCINCONFL Films' A Football Life will feature Chad Johnson. Johnson has announced that he'll be featured in a future episode of NFL Films' A Football Life. We're just a little excited!

MOVE OVER WATTJ.J. Watt Is no longer Pro Football Focus' top player. You might be surprised by who is.

MORE FOOTBALL ON YOUTUBENFL will offer three classic games for all 32 clubs on YouTube. The NFL is going to do something usual with its YouTube channel, doubling down on its commitment to the platform and adding a bunch of classic games in their entirety.