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An emoji to sum up each team's 2016 NFL Draft grade

Your favorite team probably deserved the 100 emoji, I know.

Chuck Anderson-USA TODAY Sports

If you're looking for an in-depth look at each team's new crop of rookies from the 2016 NFL Draft, there are better places to do it. SB Nation's Dan Kadar assigned a grade to each team and here I just assigned an emoji.

Kadar's top draft class belonged to the New Orleans Saints, the only team to receive an 'A,' and the worst was in the same division, as the Carolina Panthers received a 'C-.' The Saints addressed defense right away with Sheldon Rankins and added a couple Ohio State Buckeyes at a good value by selecting Michael Thomas and Vonn Bell on the second day.

The Panthers had a few needs to fill with pass rushers, cornerbacks and receivers all at the top of the wish list, but went with Vernon Butler instead and took three unheralded cornerbacks with the next three selections. No edge rusher or receiver was taken, and undrafted free agent Keyarris Garrett is the best pass catcher added to Cam Newton's arsenal, with the only possible exception being seventh-round tight end Beau Sandland.

I spent very little time choosing each emoji and very little forethought went into this; however, I also took it very seriously and if you disagree with me, I will fight you [insert biceps emoji].

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