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Texans fans reunited linebacker Whitney Mercilus with his lost dogs

Mercilus tweeted Thursday night that his two dogs had gone missing.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last four years, linebacker Whitney Mercilus has delivered for Texans fans on the field time and time again. This weekend they returned the favor.

Mercilus tweeted late Thursday night that his two dogs had gone missing. He lost track of them after he let them out in the backyard while his house was being remodeled. On Friday evening, Mercilus said the dogs were safe and being taken care of. He was reunited with them Saturday.

"We've got a great fanbase and great support in Houston overall. I just want to thank the support of everybody who chimed in and tried to get the word out. It was very helpful and got my dogs back," Mercilus said, via the Houston Chronicle.

This is an example of social media being put to good use. In February, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton learned about the power of social media as well, when he was reunited with his (way less cute) lost luggage after tweeting about #bagsearch2016.

Now that Mercilus' two best buds are back by his side, he can dedicate all of his energy to readying himself for camp and improving on his 12-sack campaign.