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NFL teams, please stop tweeting about 'Star Wars'

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In an attempt to be relevant, NFL teams put out plenty of "Star Wars"-related content on May the 4th.

We get it, NFL teams. Social media is all about engaging your followers, and what better way to do that than being topical and tweeting about Star Wars on May the 4th?

Dallas Cowboys 

The Cowboys kept it simple.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens really got into it.

Houston Texans

J.J. Watt blowing up the Death Star is a fun idea.

Kansas City Chiefs

Um, Chiefs, that lightsaber looks like a red ... you know what, never mind.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals went in a different direction, and they get points for originality.

Not everyone was impressed with the Cardinals' effort, though.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns put a whole lot of work into this.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Force must be strong in the AFC North because the Steelers had basically the same idea.

Detroit Lions

The Lions went with the Spaceballs homage. Not bad!

Chicago Bears

The Bears were really proud of their May the 4th idea.

They loved it, actually.

Okay, Bears, we get it.

New England Patriots

Patriots fans surely loved this one, and everyone else probably hated it. (Maybe they could have just let Julian Edelman handle their Star Wars-related posts.)

New York Giants

Not to be outdone, the Giants did the exact same thing as the Patriots.

Philadelphia Eagles

You're doing too much, Eagles.

Carolina Panthers

You're better than this, Panthers social media team.

Los Angeles Rams

Did the recently relocated Rams really think this one through?

Because ...

The real winners were the teams that chose to not participate in May the 4th content. The Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers all went about their business on May the 4th without doing anything related to Star Wars.

Teams accounts are allowed to have fun, obviously, but a lot of these tweets felt forced ... no pun intended.