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Some NFL rookies are losing training time because of weird rule

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UCLA, Stanford and Oregon are a few of the schools that are on the quarter system.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

More than a week removed from the 2016 NFL Draft, rookies are just getting started with their new teams and beginning training for their first NFL season. But a few players have to wait a little longer to really dive in, thanks to a rule that doesn't make much sense, and those players aren't happy about it.

UCLA alums Kenny Clark of the Green Bay Packers and Myles Jack of the Jacksonville Jaguars got to spend just a few days with the teams that took them in the first and second rounds, respectively. But now both have to leave the facilities until school is out for UCLA, whether they're enrolled in classes or not.

"I wish I could stay here," Clark told ESPN's Rob Demovsky. "I leave on Sunday. I wish I could stay here throughout the whole process, but I think that will probably be one of the more difficult parts -- that I won't be here with the team."

UCLA is on the quarter system, so summer break doesn't officially begin for the Bruins until June. Even though many of the newest members of the NFL from schools on the quarter system choose not to take classes in the spring, they are only allowed to participate in rookie minicamps and must leave until school is out before returning for team activities.

Jack doesn't even plan on going back to Los Angeles. He says he'll spend his time rehabbing his injured knee in Phoenix, which isn't against the rules. He just can't be at the Jaguars' facilities in Jacksonville.

Other notable schools on the quarter system are Oregon and Stanford, but the San Francisco 49ers don't have to worry about missing DeForest Buckner or Joshua Garnett, as both graduated before the 2016 NFL Draft.