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How NOT to handle an NFL quarterback

Sub-par professional quarterback Nick Foles isn't showing up for offseason workouts with the Rams. And why should he! Here's a lesson in not building up a guy when you know you're totally done with him anyway.

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Nick Foles isn't showing up for the Rams' offseason workouts. Nobody should be surprised by this given the Rams talking up Case Keenum as their starter back in February and then trading away a bevy of draft picks to select Jared Goff. There's another problem here that comes back to how head coach Jeff Fisher talks about his quarterbacks in the media and his never-ending quest to not ruin a franchise quarterback.

The Rams gave Foles a $24 million contract extension before he ever played a down for them. Three months later, Fisher benched him as part of his quest to break his perpetual 7-9 cycle. In the process, he promised that Foles would "eventually will be under center for us again." He was talking up Keenum as their starter in February.

You'd think some team would trade for Foles -- the Rams reportedly shopped him during the draft -- but it's going to be hard for any team to take on the terrible deal the Rams gave him, with an $8.7 million cap hit this year and a $13.2 million hit in 2017. Why trade when you can just wait for the Rams to cut him?

Obviously, a coach can't trash his quarterbacks in the media, in part because they never know when they'll have to rely on that guy again. At the same time, it feels just as irresponsible to talk a guy up in front of the world and then pull the rug out from under him. An overrated coach like Fisher makes for an easy heel, but he's not the only one guilty of this.

Let's stay in the world of middling to bad quarterbacks for a bit.

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