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You're going to flip for the NFL's new coin toss rule!

A new rule says that the coin flip must actually include a flip. You are welcome, Aaron Rodgers.

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NFL mandates that the coin has to flip on the coin flip. Got that? Remember when the coin didn't flip in the Packers-Cardinals division game last year? Aaron Rodgers should be happy about this rule change.

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THE SANE COWBOYWhat's it like to be Jerry Jones' son? No, this is not about Tony Romo. It's about Stephen Jones, the man putting the sanity in the Cowboys front office.

ROOKIE QB EXPECTATIONSThree rookie QBs aren't dealing with the usual first-round expectations in 2016. Goff, Wentz and Lynch weren't national superstars in college and that will benefit them early in their NFL careers.

DAB IS DEADCam Newton says he won't Dab in 2016. You shouldn't either.

WHEN $10 MILLION ISN'T REALLY $10 MILLION: Allen Hurns contract numbers shake out a little different than you think. The Jaguars gave Allen Hurns a contract extension worth $10 million per year on average, but it's not actually $10 million per year on average.

ASK A LONG SNAPPER: The Raiders new long snapper, Andrew East, explains the special teams mindset. East did an AMA on Thursday and gave some pretty entertaining insight into the Raiders and being a long snapper, which is way more interesting than it sounds.

VON MILLER AND THE BRONCOS KIND OF AGREE: Von Miller has reportedly agreed to framework of a deal with Broncos. They're just haggling over the guaranteed money. This deal is going to get done. Don't panic.

KAEPERNICK IS HAPPY AGAIN: Colin Kaepernick talks trade request, excited to be with 49ers. Interesting to note, he hasn't talked with GM Trent Baalke since the start of the offseason, but he did talk about what a great rapport he has with head coach Chip Kelly.

ANOTHER BLOW FOR THE SAINTS: Saints DE Hau'oli Kikaha will miss the season with a torn ACL. A huge loss for a Saints defense that can't really afford it.

KICKED OUT OF PRACTICEDirk Koetter got mad at Austin Seferian-Jenkins and kicked him out of practice. "He didn’t know what he was doing or something like that," Koetter said after practice. "You guys are making more of it than you need to."


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