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The Giants are practicing to classic TV show theme songs

The Giants are taking to the practice fields to the theme songs of classic TV shows like Friends, Sanford and Son, and the Price Is Right.

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

Different coaches have different approaches to music in the locker room and on the field, but the New York Giants have an entirely unique playlist. With Ben McAdoo now fronting the team instead of Tom Coughlin, the Giants are playing classic TV theme songs at practice.

McAdoo says it wasn't his idea, and it's football operations project coordinator Ed Triggs who has played everything from the theme song of Friends to Sanford and Son. The playlist was unique in Coughlin's days as coach, which featured everything from Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars, but the 2016 mix is something entirely different.

Can you imagine doing anything athletic to the sounds of the Price Is Right theme?

Hang Time!

Some other suggestions for inclusion: Cheers, I Dream of Jeannie and ... oh, I don't know ... Inspector Gadget?

Good times away from the practice fields

A large reason why OTAs are even held are just to build a sense of team and a chemistry between players on the roster. It's the first time that rookies and free agent acquisitions hit the field with their new teammates and coaches, so team-building exercises are not uncommon.

With practices of spring wrapping up before the long, football-less summer, coaches and players are taking advantage of the little time they have left by adding some fun to the mix.

For the Cleveland Browns, it was tight end Gary Barnidge taking the lead by organizing trips to go paintballing and one to go to amusement park Cedar Point. For the Green Bay Packers, it was a trip to the bowling alley, where long snapper Rick Lovato got his chance to shine.

The New Orleans Saints planned a trip to the local go-kart track -- and eventually they got there -- but not before a bus broke down:

Ultimately, putting in work on the practice fields in May and June isn't the difference between a Super Bowl champion and a team on the outside looking in. Keeping the roster healthy and in-shape between the end of the last season and the opening of training camp is the goal, so building some camaraderie is always a good idea. Especially when not every player gets through the spring cordially.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Bryan Stork got the boot

Fights on an NFL practice field aren't uncommon, but they're a little more rare in the spring. So Bill Belichick didn't give center Bryan Stork the benefit of the doubt when he got into a scrap with undrafted rookie defensive tackle Woodrow Hamilton, ejecting both the veteran and rookie from the practice.

It wasn't a fight that got Austin Seferian-Jenkins removed from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' practice session, though. Dirk Koetter told the third-year tight end "get out of here" because he "didn't know what he was doing."

Seferian-Jenkins tweeted that you "can't let the negative stuff get to u," followed by blasting fans who had critical messages for the tight end who has been disappointing so far in his NFL career.

Seferian-Jenkins has been considered a breakout candidate heading into his third year, but 2016 isn't off to the best start.