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Onside Kick Family Hour: How much is Von Miller really worth?

This week we're saying goodbye to Danny Kelly, talking about Von Miller's contract situation, determining the value of a good safety, trying to figure out how to make a developmental league for the NFL and so much more!

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The latest edition of the Family Hour is here! This week on the show ... it's Danny Kelly's last day at SB Nation. We're going to miss him, but he'll still be around in one form or another.

Von Miller's $114 million contract offer is the big topic this week. Just how much is the guy really worth? A LOT! Just listen to Stephen White and Danny explain why Miller is worth the kind of guaranteed money he's asking for from the Broncos.

Also ...

> The value of safeties like Harrison Smith, Eric Berry and Tryann Mathieu.

> HACKED! Was the NFL Twitter hacked planned? Probably not, but it got you paying attention to the NFL, didn't it?

> Blaine Gabbert, Colin Kaepernick and reading between the lines of what Chip Kelly's saying about it.

> What ever happened to Joe Flacco?

> Aqib Talib and the magic bullet. Also, never go to Texas.

> Sam Bradford is terrible, but the Eagles think he's great. Someone's lying.

> Can the NFL support a developmental league? What would it look like and is it even possible?

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