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Imagining an NFL without kickoffs

The league is legislating the kickoff out of the game bit by bit, but has anyone ever stopped to consider the ripple effects of that?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL kickoff is going extinct. A planned extinction and probably a necessary one, but what exactly will the game look like without the kickoff? It would have big implications for the roster, the bottom of it with a slew of specialists who make a final roster just because of their role on kickoffs or returns. And the trickle down effect goes from there. Robert Mays at The Ringer has a good look at the NFL without the kickoff.

BRONCOS DRAMAVon Miller purposefully cropped out John Elway from White House Instagram photo. ESPN's Adam Schefter says the catty Instagram gesture was done in retaliation for the way the Broncos have handled his contract negotiations. Here's what Denver's Super Bowl rings look like.

BIG APPLE, BIG GAMBLE: Will the Giants' big gamble on Janoris Jenkins pay off? Giants lavished an extravagant contract on cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Can he live up to it?

YOUR TURN, STEELERSPittsburgh Steelers celebrate the Penguins Stanley Cup victory. The Pittsburgh Penguins are Stanley Cup Champions, and the Steelers took to social media to celebrate.

CROSSING OVER IN CLEVELANDBrowns VP Sashi Brown had meeting with Warriors' general manager. More trouble for the Cavs? No. They're probably just talking about Moneyball and stats and stuff.

STARTING OVERWhat's it like going from being a starter to part of a rotation? Ask DeForest Buckner. The San Francisco 49ers rookie defensive tackle met with the media and talked about his new role on defense, expectations for the season and much more.

WAY TO DAMPEN THE OPTIMISM: Greg Robinson says the Rams' offensive line has "a long way to go." The underwhelming left tackle took all the enthusiasm out of a softball interview with the team's "reporter" on the official web site. What's really weird is that offensive linemen aren't hitting anything but the sled this time of year anyway.

THEY ALL LIKE THAT: Kirk Cousins loves it when people quote Kirk Cousins. They all like this kid's yearbook quote.

JAMEIS' SECOND YEARIt's going to be a big year for Jameis Winston and the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay's coaches are turning more and more of the offense over to Winston this year. Is he ready?


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