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Finally, Browns fans have something to celebrate

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No so much in San Diego, which is the new Cleveland.

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SAN DIEGO IS THE NEW CLEVELAND: The Cavs snapped a 52-title drought for the city of Cleveland. Guess which city now has the dubious honor of the longest period since its last major pro sports team won a championship. No pressure, Philip Rivers.

BROWNS FANS HAVE SOMETHING TO BE HAPPY ABOUT: It's a big moment for Cleveland sports! The Cleveland Cavaliers have ended the city's 52-year streak and become the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit. Browns fans are loving it.

THE BUCS ARE STILL BEING DUMBDirk Koetter’s reasons for not going for two make no sense. The Buccaneers coach said "it does make sense" to go for two every time. But he's not going to do that because he doesn't want to get beat up on sports talk radio. Really. His team also traded up to draft a kicker in the second round, so that's probably another reason. Lotta stupid in Tampa Bay right now.


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BILL BELICHICK'S FAVORITE LONG SNAPPERSteve and Zak DeOssie are the only NFL father-son tandem to help win a Lombardi Trophy for the same franchise. And they're both long snappers! But Steve DeOssie isn't just any long snapper. According to Bill Belichick he changed the game thanks to his ability to snap AND block on punts. This interview with Belichick from 2011 gets into more detail about how DeOssie revolutionized special teams.

BEASLEY ON LOSING HIS FATHERVic Beasley, Jr. reflects on losing his dad. Father's Day was Sunday, but the Falcons second-year defensive end's story is worth reading a day later.

ELLIOTT EYEING DICKERSON: Can Ezekiel Elliott break the rookie rushing record? Eric Dickerson doesn't want his record broken, a record of 1,808 yards set in 1983. But Elliott has a real shot at that with the kind of talent around him and given how much the Cowboys plan to run him.

COACHING CHANGES COMINGAre coaching changes coming for the Patriots after this season? There's a good chance Bill Belichick could lose both of his coordinators in January. Who would be the next men up in that scenario?

OH, HEY RUSS: Joshua Garnett ran into Russell Wilson, Ciara at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

SEE THE NEW STADIUMTake a closer look at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings' new home is officially open now.

GET HIGH ON EXERCISERicky Williams wants to make weed gyms a way of life. The former NFL star talked to SB Nation about opening a new gym in San Francisco, Power Plant, that he wants to make part of a movement.

REX RYAN'S VACATION IS BETTER THAN YOURSIt doesn't matter if the Bills won the offseason, but at least Rex Ryan is winning vacation. In other minicamp news, the Buccaneers defense is getting "less terrible," and is Cam Newton trying to play wide receiver?