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The Cowboys are doing things differently with Ezekiel Elliott

Well, kind of.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

COWBOY PLANSThe Cowboys' biggest problem this season is ... Tony Romo's health, as usual. Maybe the new running back can prevent that. Just how important is Ezekiel Elliott to the Cowboys this year? So important that Dez Bryant said they're not going to haze him, the prospect of playing with Kellen Moore as Romo's injury fill-in is torture enough.

BROWNS LEGENDS JOINING THE CAVSBernie Kosar is riding in the Cavaliers' victory parade. Ernie Byner is joining him. ALL of Cleveland's sports legends (and ghosts) are here!

FIXING KICKOFFS: The Panthers special teams coach says the problem with kickoffs is perception. "We’re gonna have to do something on kickoff, kickoff return that changes the perception of how the owners, the press and the fans view it," coach Bruce DeHaven said. Hmmm, I get where he's coming from, but the injury risk with kickoffs is real, not an image thing.

BUILDING A BETTER PRACTICE SQUADThe NFL & NFLPA are quietly making the practice squad more useful. They approved another two-year deal to leave it at 10 players, but added a provision to allow teams to keep up to four players with two accrued seasons.

WATT VS. FLORIO: Pro Football Talk calls out J.J. Watt on Twitter for "seeking attention." Getcha popcorn!

A MAGIC EAGLEWatch Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos perform a mind-blowing magic trick on America's Got Talent. How did he do that?

TOXIC ELECTIONPlayers are staying away from this election. Agents and marketing reps are advising players to stay far far away from the two candidates in this year's presidential election. Probably good advice.

IF THAT'S YOUR BEST DECISION ... Lions GM says that keeping Jim Caldwell his "best decision." He also used the word "exciting" in the same interview, so it's possible he's confused.

IS ELWAY CRAZY ENOUGH TO DO IT? Would John Elway be willing to walk away from Von Miller? I still think they get a deal done, even if it's right at the July 15 deadline. However, I'm starting to wonder if Elway isn't willing to cut bait if he can't get the price he's looking for.

RAVENS RUNNING BACKSDon’t sleep on Terrance West. He's in the best shape of his life! Seriously though, sorting out that Ravens backfield is going to be something to watch in camp this year.

FANTASY SLEEPER ALERTIs Torrey Smith a fantasy football sleeper with Chip Kelly? The Philadelphia Eagles offense saw improvement from No. 1 receivers between 2013 and 2015. Torrey Smith could be the 49ers' first beneficiary of Kelly’s offense.

NAKED WILFORK: It's Vince Wilfork ... naked. "Ever seen a grown man naked?"


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