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Eli Apple's mom dropped him off for his first practice like it was the first day of school

Annie Apple went full mom on Eli Apple's first day of practice with the Giants.

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

New York Giants cornerback Eli Apple has several weeks of practices under his belt now, and will have to wait until the end of July before the team reports back to the team facilities for training camp. Maybe the gloss of being in the NFL will have worn off a bit by then, but his mom enjoyed every second of it in the days after he was drafted.

On Thursday, Annie Apple shared videos of the day she dropped off Eli for his first practice with the Giants in May. While he was trying to play it cool, Annie went full mom:

If she's anything like my mom, Eli probably also had to take pictures by the front door with his backpack on.

Annie Apple has been in the spotlight plenty since the 2016 NFL Draft, and she'll continue to be when she starts her job on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown. It can almost be easy to forget that she's a proud mom of a son who is accomplishing all of his dreams, but her videos from May are plenty of proof that she can embarrass her kid like any other mom.