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Las Vegas has a new plan to build an NFL stadium, and the Raiders are mad about it

The public committee exploring the possibility of an NFL stadium in Las Vegas suddenly seems uncomfortable with a $750 million subsidy for the billionaires who want it.

Casino magnate wants Las Vegas to spend $750 million on sports stadium. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who spends a considerable amount of his own money funding candidates who oppose taxes, wants Las Vegas to ante up the biggest subsidy in professional football history to lure the Oakland Raiders to the gambling mecca.

An alternative plan that brought the public contribution down to $550 million was presented Thursday. It made the Raiders mad, and those in support of the massive $750 million taxpayer subsidy argued that the last-minute audible could risk the support they've built from the NFL. The new proposal pushes the private contribution to $900 million, including $500 million from the Raiders.

ALWAYS GO FOR TWOBen Roethlisberger wants the Steelers to go for two more, and every other team should too. NFL offenses are too efficient to ignore that two-point conversions are the obvious way to go.

THE RAMS DON'T GET ITMeanwhile, the last team to relocate, the Rams, took the opportunity to throw some shade at their former home. Apparently he forgot the hundreds of millions of dollars taxpayers gave that supported the team for the 21 years that they were there. That's fine. We'll all have the last laugh because Jeff Fisher is the team's head coach.

MCCARRON TRADE TALKCould the Bengals trade QB AJ McCarron? The Bengals backup quarterback has a starter mentality but knows he's blessed to be in the NFL. Could he be traded to a team where he'd become a Week 1 starter?

PATRIOT CONTAGIONMartellus Bennett says Tom Brady is contagious. The new Patriots tight end is excited about his new role.

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATIONHow is Lions rookie Taylor Decker connected to the guy who invented the spike? Six degrees of football separation!

BUILD A BETTER KICKOFFHow to fix the NFL kickoff. In short, you make it more like a punt. Check out the details of a solution offered up by one special teams coach over at MMQB.


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