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Ranking the NFL's most athletic offensive lines

Size isn't everything when it comes to blocking.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Which team has the most athletic offensive line? Pride of Detroit broke down all 32 offensive lines using Relative Athletic Score, which uses combine and pro day data to give you a picture of each lineman's speed, agility, etc. It's just one method for evaluating an OL, but they found some revealing stuff in the data. This is a really interesting read.

JAGS EXTEND HURNSJaguars sign Allen Hurns to four-year, $40 million extension. The deal includes $20 million in guarantees. Not bad for an undrafted free agent whose first deal guaranteed just $20,000.

INFO WARS: We touched on advanced statistics above with the offensive line study, but did you know the NFL is flush with mountains and mountains of data? We're on the verge of an information revolution in football, and Kevin Clark at The Ringer got to the bottom of it.


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LEGITIMATE INTERVIEWSTeryl Austin said that only two of his four head coaching interviews were "legitimate." The current Detroit Lions defensive coordinator was a hot name on the coaching carousel, interviewing with the Giants, Browns, Titans and Dolphins. We could speculate as to which two teams were just phoning it in, but his career might be better off not getting the coaching jobs in Miami or Cleveland.

THE FRONT OFFICE IS KEEPING THE DOLPHINS DOWNThe Dolphins are the most poorly run team in the NFL. According to the management index rankings from The Score, which assesses the overall effectiveness of a team's leadership, from the owner's suite to the coaches on the sideline.

BEST DEFENSELavonte David thinks Bucs can be the best defense ever. This year's Bucs defense, that is. Ahhh, the sunny optimism of OTAs.

THE FITZPATRICK SAGA CONTINUESRyan Fitzpatrick is lowering his contract demands. I'm tempted to say WHO CARES, but this is about as compelling as things get for the NFL world in June.

LET'S GOLFThe Bills are going golfing instead of practicing. And that's fine, really.

JEFF FISHER IS FINE WITH BEING MEDIOCREFormer Rams LB James Laurinaitis suggests 7-9 was "acceptable" from his former team. Shots fired.

NO SLUMP HEREDon't expect a sophomore slump from Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota had promising rookie seasons, but history suggests they'll be even better in year two.

THE PRO BOWL ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE: The Pro Bowl is here to stay. Sorry.

ANOTHER CHEAP SHOTSteelers LB uses dead Cincinnati Zoo gorilla to mock the Bengals. The Steelers-Bengals rivalry has now escalated to this point.


Get all kinds of NFL stories, rumors, game coverage, and inane comments from the NFL media in your inbox every day.