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Hey Marshawn Lynch, are you really retired?

Beastmode has officially put this question to rest.

Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement on Twitter during Super Bowl 50, but because he's Marshawn Lynch, many wondered if he might change his mind. Former teammate Richard Sherman, noting Lynch's free-spirited approach to everything, said he wouldn't rule out Lynch returning to the Seahawks for the coming season.

Lynch has just turned 30 years old, and although he was hindered by an injury last season, it's very possible he still has something left in the tank. The Seahawks are just one year removed from consecutive Super Bowl appearances. That's a lot for Lynch to leave behind. Is it really possible that Marshawn Lynch is done?

He answered that question -- not once, not twice, but THREE times -- in an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated and 60 Minutes Sports.

He seems pretty certain. He's done. Marshawn Lynch is retired from the NFL.

The interview with Marshawn will air in its entirety on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.