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Someone hacked the NFL Twitter account to say Roger Goodell died

Goodell is not dead, but a prank on Tuesday tried to convince people he was. It didn't convince anyone.

The NFL's official Twitter account was briefly hacked on Tuesday to announce commissioner Roger Goodell died. The tweet was quickly deleted, and the NFL quickly confirmed that the report was false.


Goodell spent Monday at the Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic golf tournament in Buffalo, N.Y., and spoke to reporters, so there was little reason to believe the tweet a day later and most assumed it was a hacked account. That was confirmed when the tweet was deleted and the NFL account sent two more tweets:

There has been an uptick in hacks of celebrity Twitter accounts in recent days, including the handles of Katy Perry, Mark Zuckerberg, Keith Richards and Kylie Jenner, but it's unknown if the hacks are related.

After the hack, the NFL account followed @IDissEverything, who claimed responsibility for the stunt along with @PeggleCrew. In a tweet, he said the NFL's password was "olsen3culvercam88."


Both of the accounts claiming responsibility were suspended by Twitter soon thereafter.

Based on his response to the incident late Tuesday afternoon, Goodell seemed to take it in stride:


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Otherwise, it was another normal day in the NFL:

True Story: 12:36pm: NFL Twitter account was hacked. 1:55pm: I get notice that I have another random PED test tomorrow.

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