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Von Miller could sit out the 2016 season if he doesn't get a deal he likes

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Miller reportedly turned down an offer worth more than $114 million over six years because the guaranteed money was a long way from what other top defensive players have received. And he's prepared to skip the season.

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The Broncos offered Von Miller a six-year, $114.5M deal that he declined. It included $39.8 million in guaranteed money within the first two years. That sounds like a lot -- because it is -- but Miller's holding out to be the highest paid defensive player in the league. The overall money tops the $114.375 million deal Ndamukong Suh signed with the Dolphins last year, Suh's deal included $60 million in guarantees. Justin Houston got $52 million in guaranteed money this year from the Chiefs. Miller's got a damn good case to make at least what those two are making. Just try imagining the Broncos winning the Super Bowl without him.

Talks between Miller and the Broncos have paused in the meantime. They have until July 15 to work out a long-term deal, so the urgency just isn't there yet. If they don't get a deal done, Miller would play out the season on the franchise tag.

Don't rule out Miller skipping the the 2016 season. There's a quirk in his status that would prevent the Broncos from using the exclusive tag on him next year. They could still tag him, but another team could pry him away with a first- and third-round pick, if the Broncos use the highest value non-exclusive tag, which would probably be worth it.


The Colts and Andrew Luck are aiming to have a deal done in July. Owner Jim Irsay says it's still in the works and hopeful it gets wrapped up before camp starts. He reportedly wanted a 10-year deal for Luck, but it's more likely to be five or six years. Most expect Luck's deal to average $25 million per season, making him the highest-paid player in the NFL.


Giovani Bernard and Bengals agree to three-year contract extension. The deal is worth $15.5 million overall. Bernard will make $6 million this season, and then his annual value jumps to more than $9 million in the two years after that, making him one of the 10 highest-paid running backs in the league.


The Rams and head coach Jeff Fisher are working on a contract extension. This is the fifth and final year of Fisher's deal with the Rams, a team that still hasn't topped the .500 mark since he took over. In fact, you'd have to go all the way back to 2008 to find Fisher's last winning season, one of just six winning seasons he's had in his 21-year career as a head coach. He's only 10 losses away from having more Ls on his career record than any head coach in NFL history. The Rams CANNOT afford to let talent like that get away.


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