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Not even Jeff Fisher can squelch excitement for the NFL in Los Angeles

Angelinos are so hungry for football they bought up all the season tickets for a below-average Rams team in six hours.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES DOESN'T KNOW WHAT IT'S IN FORThe Rams sold out of season tickets in six hours. It's safe to say fans in Los Angeles were hungry for football. Now, what happens when they realize how much they spent to see Jeff Fisher's annual 7-9 effort?

NOT EVEN TIME CAN STOP ADRIAN PETERSONAdrian Peterson is just as fast as he was in college. The Vikings running back says he wants to keep churning out 1,000-yard seasons into his 30s, and he just might be the guy to do it.

THIS EAGLE'S GOT TALENTEagles' Jon Dorenbos blows away America's Got Talent with another amazing magic track. He's definitely Philadelphia's most talented player.

CROWELL OFFERS UP DONATIONIsaiah Crowell will donate more than $35,000 to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation. A day after the Browns said that an apology alone wasn't enough, the running back vowed to donate his first game check to the police charity in the wake of his controversial Instagram post.


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OCHOCINCO IS BACK: Chad Johnson is back in the NFL! Kind of. After begging Hue Jackson for a job on Twitter, the Browns head coach is bringing him to camp, just camp, to "spend some time" with the receivers.

BIG LOSS FOR THE BROWNSThe Browns lost their sack leader to a torn pectoral muscle. Desmond Bryant, who led the team with six sacks last year, underwent surgery for the injury on Tuesday and will spend the next six months rehabbing.

DON'T OVERLOOK MACLIN: Jeremy Maclin will probably have a better season than you think. The Chiefs' No. 1 receiver is one of just a handful of players with at least 120 targets and eight touchdowns over the last two seasons.

SECONDARY CONCERNDid the Cowboys improve at cornerback this year? Dallas' secondary was underwhelming last year, but this year they're counting on Orlando Scandrick's return from a torn ACL/MCL. Will that be enough?

BUILD A BETTER OFFENSEHow to build the ideal NFL offense for the next five years. If you wanted to build a team from the league’s current talent pool that would win the most games over the next five seasons, which players would you choose?

ANDREW LUCK, READERAndrew Luck breaks down his book club. The Colts QB explains how his passion for pages led to him sharing books with teammates and eventually starting an eponymous online book club

THE GOLDEN AGE OF TIGHT ENDSThe offensive formation that's making tight ends great again. Robert Klemko of the MMQB takes a closer look at the Y-ISO formation that makes life confusing for defenses and allows tight ends like Travis Kelce to thrive.

HARBAUGH'S RETURN, DREAM ONJohn Clayton predicts that Jim Harbaugh is going to coach the Dolphins ... eventually. Stephen Ross may finally get his man, but I wouldn't hold your breath.