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The NFL offseason is taking a heavy toll on all of us and these 7 predictions prove it

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Andy Dalton the MVP! Johnny Manziel is coming back! Las Vegas can't handle the Raiders! Those predictions and more that are too crazy to believe.

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7. One economist says that Las Vegas cannot support the Raiders. It would be the fifth-smallest TV market in the NFL. Better question: Why would people choose to leave the big screens and cheap drinks of a casino to watch the game in the stadium? I still think this underestimates the wider brand appeal of the Raiders as well as the corporate money that would support the stadium's premium seating.

6. The Panthers are headed for a fall this season. John Clayton predicts that the Panthers will win four fewer games this season, which makes sense, and still win the NFC South. However, he threw in a little worry about whether or not the team can improve its pass rush. What? Carolina's pass rush generated pressure on 7.1 percent of opposing passing attempts, 11th best in the NFL last season. Their 44 sacks last season ranked sixth.

5. Johnny Manziel vows that he'll return to football. I genuinely hope the man gets the help he needs and beats his addiction. But at this point, it's a huge leap to think he'll make it back to the NFL.

4. Arian Foster thinks he's still a Pro Bowl caliber player despite turning 30 next month and coming off a torn ACL. He's a Dolphin now.

3. Could Jimmy Garoppolo supplant Tom Brady on the Patriots depth chart? No. But that didn't stop daytime cable sports television from asking the question.

2. Andy Dalton, NFL MVP. Another in a series of bold predictions for the Bengals' upcoming season, Cincy Jungle look at the case for why Andy Dalton will win the NFL MVP award for the 2016 season.

1. Ron Rivera thinks Blaine Gabbert-Colin Kaepernick will be "heck of a competition." Yep, it ranks right up there with a midseason Thursday night game. He also revealed that the Panthers almost drafted Gabbert over Cam Newton.


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COWBOYS DRAFT BOARD REVEALED: Have a look at the Dallas Cowboys draft board. A picture of the 2016 Cowboys possible draft board has surfaced and Blogging the Boys has most of the names, slotted just as they were in the Cowboys' war room (we think). Dallas really did have Ezekiel Elliott at the top. They had Laremy Tunsil ranked third. Check out the full breakdown.

GOODBYE, PEANUT: Charles Tillman announced his retirement by making a video of himself slapping things out of people's hands. End of a great career.

DATA CHIPS: NFL data chips won't provide footballs' PSI level. Though the technology exists and could be potentially added if the NFL desires, the data chips to be used in game balls in 2016 won't provide real-time psi (pounds per square inch) measurements. Why would the NFL want to track a silly thing like that anyway!

GOODELL DOESN'T CARE: Roger Goodell said the NFL"moved on from [Deflategate] quite a long time ago." Uh, yeah, okay.

CROWELL MAKES AMENDSIsaiah Crowell attends funeral of slain Dallas police officer. When the Browns running back apologized for a social media post depicting violence against a police officer, the team said it wanted to see more from him.