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Ryan Fitzpatrick won't talk about the Jets anymore

Eventually, you have to think the Jets and Fitzpatrick will agree to a deal, and everyone will end up disappointed.

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What's the latest on Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets? We don't know! He's not talking about it. For now, Fitz seems like he's waiting it out, banking that the Jets, or some other team, will come back with a more favorable offer once camp gets underway.

NELSON IS READYJordy Nelson is ready to play again. That's good news for the Packers who were really missing something without him last season. The question now is whether or not he'll be the same version of himself at 31 and coming off a major knee injury. Pro Football Focus has a good, quick look at how Nelson's absence created a domino effect for the Packers offense.


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MONROE RETIRESEugene Monroe announces retirement at age 29. Citing concerns about his long-term health, Monroe joined the growing list of NFL players hanging it up early.

QUACK IS GONE: The NFL finally cut ties with the doctor who made a career out of denying CTE. It's one small, long-overdue step to rebuild trust with players and fans.

TACKLING MATTERSThe Patriots have been the best tacklers in the NFL and Bill Belichick knows it. Good tackling is just as important as the defensive scheme a team chooses to run, maybe more.

THE COMMISH WILL SEE YOU NOW: What's it like to go to Roger Goodell's office? The MMQB talked to a handful of players who've been summoned to the commissioner's office. Peter Ginsberg's story of meeting with the commissioner, multiple times, is especially jaw dropping.

POWER HITTER: Watch Julian Edelman crank a home run. Looks like his foot is healing nicely.

CHARGERS LOOK TO GORDONIs Melvin Gordon ready for a breakout season? He better be!

COMEBACK KIDSThe all-comeback team. Mario Williams, Arian Foster & Cameron Wake ... the Dolphins have a lot riding on players in need of a bounce-back season.

BAYLOR HAS A BAD REPUTATION IN THE NFL TOOIt's hard for NFL teams to get the truth about players at Baylor. There are always a few schools that make it harder for teams to scout players ahead of the draft and get the kind of information they need, but Baylor's become the most notorious of them all. Said one Browns official: "It was hard to get information, and it was hard to trust information. They told us things that just weren’t true."

TAKING CREDIT: Odell Beckham Jr. gives himself credit for making Josh Norman relevant. That $75 million contract Josh Norman signed? He owes it all to Odell Beckham Jr.

GREAT MOMENTS IN TV HISTORY: The 11 best moments from All or Nothing. From hilarious moments to poignant ones, there are wonderful scenes throughout this season of All or Nothing.

GET SNOOP A FOOTBALL SHOWSnoop Dogg's reactions while watching the CFL prove why he needs to be an NFL analyst. Watching a CFL game with Snoop commentary is so much better.