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Onside Kick Family Hour: Arian Foster, Eric Berry & staying cool one week before training camp

Beat the heat with some cool NFL talk!

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It's hot outside, and just in time for training camps to get started next week. Have fun practicing out there. But there is a way to stay to cool, with some red-hot NFL talk on this week's new podcast.

On the Family Hour, Stephen White and I are talking about all kinds of hot topics burning up the NFL world right now. This week's show includes:

  • Practicing in the heat. Is football better in hot or cold weather?
  • Eugene Monroe's retirement: He said it's about his long-term health. How many more players are going to retire early over those same concerns? Or is Monroe's situation different?
  • Roger Goodell FINALLY made the league's top concussion-denying quack retire. As with most NFL moves to shore up the league office's credibility, it's too little, too late.
  • The Dolphins signed Arian Foster this week. What does he have left? How does this change their offense?
  • The Jets! They surprised us all with a last-minute move to lock up Mo Wilkerson, but what about this Fitzpatrick thing?
  • Did the Chiefs make a big mistake in not signing Eric Berry to long-term deal? (Hint: yes, and there's going to be fallout).

You can listen above, or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, if that's your sort of thing.