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Another NFL player is retiring early

Vikings road-grading right tackle Phil Loadholt is the latest player to leave the game.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

LOADHOLT HANGS IT UPPhil Loadholt is expected to announce his retirement today. The Vikings right tackle is hanging it up at 30. Injuries took a pretty heavy toll on his last two seasons, including a torn Achilles that put him on the shelf for all of 2015.

TRAINING CAMP TIME! Football is back, in practice form. Camps are starting up around the NFL this week. Here's the schedule.

J.J. WATT PROMISES TO BE BACK SOONHe wrote a note to fans this weekend and posted it on Twitter, promising to be on the field again soon.

MVP ODDSAaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton are the three favorites to win the MVP award this year. Russell Wilson and Tom Brady rounded out the top five list, all QBs.

WHAT ABOUT KUHN? The Packers are starting camp without fan favorite John Kuhn. For the first time in nearly a decade, the Packers will be without their fullback. But he hopes to get a call before camp ends.

CINCY CUTS MAYS: Bengals cut safety Taylor Mays with training camp days away. The Bengals won't have Mays back for a second tour of duty after the team surprisingly cut him over the weekend. That leaves the team with multiple vacant roster spots entering next week when training camp opens.

FAR OUT MAN: What if all the NFL logos smoked weed? Noise noise noise smoking weed smoking weed.

CAM NEWTON'S DAILY SEAFOOD FIX: The Panthers always make sure Cam Newton gets shrimp and grits for breakfast. Making a menu for seafood-lover Cam Newton wasn't easy, but Jennifer Brunelli, the dietitian who's revamped the team's nutrition program, found a way.

UNSIGNED ROOKIES: Jets rookie Darron Lee is still unsigned. Lee and the Jets are having a little bit of a disagreement over the fourth year of his contract. Chargers first-round pick Joey Bosa is still unsigned, too.

COWBOYS BUS INVOLVED IN FATAL CRASH: Dallas Cowboys bus involved in crash that killed four in Arizona. The bus was making the trip from Dallas to the team's training camp in California, with planned stops along the way. No players were on the bus. Details of the crash haven't been reported.

BELL DIDN'T JUST MISS ONE DRUG TESTLe'Veon Bell reportedly missed "several" drug tests. It's like the guy just doesn't want to play.

SEATTLE EXTENDS SCHNEIDERSeahawks GM John Schneider signed a five-year extension with the team. That's good news for Seahawks fans. Now, Pete Carroll should be next.

WHAT IS HE SMOKING? Aldon Smith can’t seem to stay out of bad situations. Is that a blunt in your hand?

BRADY BANNED: Tom Brady isn't allowed to play catch or even talk football with his teammates during his suspension. Maybe Randy Moss is around to toss a few to.