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The Steelers are the teacher's pet of the NFL world

"If what's happening in Pittsburgh was happening in New England, there would be multiple league investigations," said one NFC East executive.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Do the Steelers get a pass from the league and the media because they're liked so much? One NFL executive agrees with the sentiment that the league lets the Steelers get away with things other teams would not get away with. Dan Rooney was the one who famously greeted Roger Goodell with the news that he'd been made commissioner, thanks in large part to backing from the Steelers owner.

Still, Goodell's hammer has whacked plenty of Steelers over the years. Just ask James Harrison. That this is even an issue speaks to just how inconsistent the league's policies are when it comes to player and team discipline.

If the Steelers are so beloved, maybe Le'Veon Bell really will get his suspension overturned. Speaking of, Bell reportedly missed those drug tests because he changed his phone number. Maybe that's why he's confident he'll win his appeal. I wouldn't be so sure, though.

REINSTATED AND IT FEELS SO GOODJosh Gordon can play football again. After sitting out a year for multiple violations of the NFL's substance abuse policy, the Browns receiver will see the field again this year, after a four-game suspension. It's been a while since you've seen him play, so you may have forgotten that Gordon is very, very good.

PHILLY STANDS WITH BRADFORDThe Eagles started training camp, and Sam Bradford is still their starting QB. For now. But Doug Pederson wouldn't rule out Carson Wentz suiting up in 2016. Just give it few games with Bradford under center. The Eagles will be ready to make the change then.

CONCUSSION RULES WITH TEETHNFL will now impose fines, loss of draft picks for concussion protocol violations. The league wants to prevent another Case Keenum debacle like the one last season when Rams head coach Jeff Fisher let his clearly concussed quarterback keep playing.

TOUGH BREAK FOR WASHINGTONJunior Galette tears his Achilles ... his other Achilles. He's out for the season already, a big blow to Washington's pass rush.

MANNING'S INNOCENT: NFL determines Peyton Manning did not use PEDs. Manning has been cleared of any wrongdoing alleged in the Al-Jazeera America report on PED usage.

JENNINGS SAYS GOODBYEGreg Jennings announced his retirement. Three years after departing Green Bay, the former Packer is hanging up the cleats for the last time. His greatest highlight ever was scoring a touchdown with a broken leg in Madden. He put da team on his back, doe.

REMEMBERING DENNY GREENDennis Green paved his own way. Green coached just like he lived his life, independent and passionate, and always found his way to high road.