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Tyler Eifert says he'll never play in the Pro Bowl again after ankle injury

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Eifert suffered an ankle injury in the Pro Bowl and isn't ever going back.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert required surgery to repair the ankle injury he suffered in the Pro Bowl and he's clearly not happy that he suffered the setback during an exhibition game. On Friday, Eifert promised that he'll never play in another Pro Bowl, regardless if he's selected or not.

Eifert, 25, led all tight ends with 13 touchdowns in 2015, but may miss the beginning of the 2016 season after undergoing surgery in May. The injury is a tough one for the Bengals to deal with, especially after losing receivers Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu in free agency. Rookies Tyler Boyd and Cody Core were added to a wide receiver corps that already features A.J. Green so the Cincinnati passing game is far from devoid of talent, but there are few tight ends on the roster with experience after Eifert.

"It's just not worth it," Eifert told Geoff Hobson of shortly after vowing to skip on all future Pro Bowls. The 2013 first-round pick is still in a walking boot, but told reporters that it will come off in a week.

There are plenty of problems with the NFL's annual all-star game, including the risk of injury. But the game still draws enough viewers to warrant its place on television, meaning the NFL likely isn't going to scrap the exhibition any time soon.

In 2007, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees suffered a dislocated elbow in the Pro Bowl but it didn't cost him any playing time in the following season.