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Teddy Bridgewater and Terrance Knighton stole the show on the NFL's 'Celebrity Family Feud'

Can anyone really drive a car in a sexy manner, Von Miller?

When the lineups for the NFL's episode of Celebrity Family Feud were announced, Von Miller and Steve Smith, two of the biggest characters in the league, immediately jumped out. But the real stars of Sunday night's episode ended up being Teddy Bridgewater and Terrance Knighton.

Miller let Bridgewater know right off the bat that this was going to be an all-out battle.

But the Vikings quarterback was ready when the NFC offense took on the AFC defense.

What do you run your fingers down to turn a woman on?

Bridgewater had an answer for that, with no hesitation. 

Teddy Bridgewater thigh

The next time up, Bridgewater's answer was "hands," which was awfully brave of him. Bridgewater's NFC teammate Pierre Garçon gave a response -- the ear -- that was definitely not on the board.

What do some people do more sexily than others?

Some of the obvious answers were "smile," "dance" or "walk." The Super Bowl 50 MVP was thinking outside the box, though.

Von Miller

After the first matchup was over, with NFC offensive players having locked up the win, they secured $25,000 for the Professional Athletes Foundation despite Teddy Bridgewater suggesting that a material grocery bags might be comprised of was "trees."

In the next round, the NFC defenders faced off against AFC offensive players.

Which sexy food would you put on your mate's body?

There was only one answer that Tyrann Mathieu, a.k.a. the Honey Badger, could give:

One of the responses on the board, which none of the players guessed, was really odd, and Jeremy Hill reacted accordingly.

If it were up to men, what would their brides be wearing as they walked down the aisle?

Knighton, who was playing for the NFC because he hadn't signed with the Patriots yet, got control of the next round for his team with this simple answer.

Name someone you're glad you only have to see once per year.

Amari Cooper hit the buzzer first at Brandon Marshall's urging, but all he could come up with was "Oh, man."

Steve Harvey

The Raiders receiver seemed to have a bit of stage fright, but there's no shame in that. It's clear that a player who caught 72 balls for 1,070 yards last season as a rookie doesn't get stage fright on the field when it really matters.

Mathieu, one of the best young defenders in the league, was unable to come up with an answer, either.

Thomas Davis came up with an answer, though -- a patriotic one.

Knighton and his NFC defensive teammates won that round, earning a $25,000 donation for their selected charity, Got Your 6, a non-profit that benefits veterans. Good job, guys.

You can catch the full episode on