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Tyrod Taylor deserves Brock Osweiler money, probably more

The Bills and their quarterback are expected to agree to a new contract before the season starts. But with just 14 starts in five seasons, how much is he worth?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrod Taylor and the Bills are working on a new contract. They're expected to have it done before the season begins. He's barely making backup QB money right now, in the middle year of the three-year, $3.35 million deal he signed last year.

He certainly earned a new deal based on his play last season. Through 14 starts, he threw 20 touchdowns and just six interceptions, along with with 3,035 yards. Perhaps most impressive was his 8.0 yards per attempt number. He's more than just a dink and dunker. Taylor added another 568 yards and four touchdowns on the ground in Greg Roman's offense.

But those 14 starts last season are the only starts of his career, which began in 2011 when the Ravens took him with a sixth-round pick. It's not a lot to go on for contract talks at the game's most premium, costly position. Don't look for Andrew Luck money.

However, Taylor should probably send Brock Osweiler a thank you card once he does get his contract. Osweiler had a grand total of seven starts since being drafted in 2012, all last season filling in for an injured Peyton Manning. He got a four-year, $72 million deal from the Texans with $37 million guaranteed. That's got to be the floor for Taylor's deal with the Bills.

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SADDEST HOLDOUT EVERDeAndre Hopkins ended his 24-hour holdout. That was quick. Houston's receiver wanted more money. He's making a million dollars this year, the second-to-last year of his rookie deal. But the Texans said they wouldn't negotiate making it the most anticlimactic holdout ever.

Houston's offense would be screwed without Hopkins, so I don't wonder if he couldn't have had a little more leverage as time went on. However, that also would've cost him more in fines, making it a potentially expensive gamble.

BROWN WANTS MORE MONEYAntonio Brown says he deserves new deal from Pittsburgh Steelers. And he's probably right since the game's best receivers all make $14 million per year or more. Brown is making $6.25M this year, and his current deal goes through 2017. Hopefully, he wasn't banking on Hopkins' holdout to shake up the market though.

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