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Laremy Tunsil and the Dolphins give us the first NFL training camp fight of 2016

Training camp is underway and that means fights.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp would be pretty boring -- er, slightly more boring -- if it weren't for the fights. And barely a week into it, we finally have our first throw down. This one comes via Dolphins practice where first-round pick Laremy Tunsil and Chris McCain.

Okay, as fights go this one barely merits a "World Star" chant from the peanut gallery, but that's a solid right Tunsil lands before the melee gets broken up.

Tunsil waved it off after practice: "We're just competing."

Joint practices are where things can really get wild. The massive brawl between the Cowboys and Rams last year was an instant classic. The Lions and Steelers are the first teams having joint practices this month, Aug. 9-10, and that could be one to watch. Another one to highlight on the calendar is the Bucs and Browns finishing off August with a few days together.