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Did Adele get offered the Super Bowl halftime show or not?

She says she did, but the NFL says otherwise.

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Did Adele get offered the Super Bowl halftime show or not? Adele said she turned down the opportunity to perform at 2017’s Super Bowl halftime show, but the NFL and halftime show sponsor Pepsi are denying that an official offer was ever put on the table.

BOSA HOLDOUT CONTINUESThe Joey Bosa situation is part of a decades-old pattern for the Chargers. There’s a lot of Chargers fans who are insisting that first-round draft pick Joey Bosa end his holdout and acquiesce to the Chargers’ demands. Those fans are wrong. An interesting theory we talked about on the podcast this week: maybe the Chargers don't actually have the money to pay him.

EXHIBITION ALL PROS14 NFL preseason All-Stars from Week 1. These are the 14 best players from the preseason so far. Some of them you’re heard of, some of them you’ll probably never hear of again.

ROOKIE QUARTERBACKS RULERookie quarterbacks stole the show on Saturday, but not the ones you expected. Three rookie quarterbacks shined –– and none of them were Jared Goff.

RAMS CONTENT WITH MEDIOCRITYJeff Fisher downplays talk of contract extension. Come on, Rams. You can't let a head coach like this get away. He might have a winning season sometime over the next three years even. Maybe. He's only had two winning seasons in the last 11 years and is only 10 wins away from owning the NFL record for most losses.

WENTZ HOPES TO RETURNCarson Wentz hopes to return during the preseason. The Eagles rookie has a hairline fracture on his ribs, and he can't take contact for two to four weeks.

HE'S REALLY GOODDavid Johnson is going to have a big year. The Cardinals running back made one of the best plays of the season so far.

RG3 IS BACKThe Browns experienced the full spectrum of Robert Griffin III, and it only took one preseason drive. He was good and bad, much like a player who hasn't played in a while and playing in the first preseason game of the year. Let the takes begin!

GABBERT STRUGGLESBlaine Gabbert struggles in 49ers preseason opener. Starting to look like a no-win QB situation in San Francisco.

GORDON'S RUNNINGMelvin Gordon needs to learn how to run in the NFL. Gordon is a particular type of runner and he needs a particular situation to succeed. Might he be in that situation this year?

SAFETY FIRSTBrowns QB Cody Kessler pulled a Dan Orlovsky and ran out of the end zone for a safety. D'oh!

BLACK AND SILVER DEPTH: Raiders deep defensive line could mask loss of Mario Edwards Jr. There weren't too many major injuries through first week of the preseason, but the Raiders lost Edwards for up to six weeks.