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The Broncos shaved a rat into some poor rookie’s head

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There are rookie haircuts and then there's the masterpiece on the back of one Broncos rookie's head.

Hazing is a sensitive subject and a lot of NFL teams have thrown out rookie initiations. But the Denver Broncos' tradition of terrible haircuts is still going strong and the veterans are getting good at it.

Like, really good at it.

Six years ago, quarterback Tim Tebow was on the receiving end of a ridiculous haircut of his own. But the "Friar Tebow" look was far less ridiculous than the ACTUAL rat tail now sported by what looks like former Missouri guard Connor McGovern.

Broncos rat tail

That's some serious artistry and attention to detail. Running back Kapri Bibbs shared some of the other handiwork by the veterans on his Snapchat, including a closer look at the masterpiece that is that rat tail:

Punter Riley Dixon may have the most spectacular rookie haircut of all. We're calling it the Magnum P.I.

Even the Broncos' first-round pick wasn't spared. Paxton Lynch's teammates gave him the full Costanza.

It's a tradition that dates back several years. The Broncos are defending Super Bowl champions, too, so it looks like the locker room is doing just fine. And it also looks like the veterans are taking their attention to detail to another level.