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Dak Prescott is ready for whatever kind of ice cream the NFL throws at him

The Cowboys backup quarterback sensation says he has no problem with "vanilla" or "rocky road" defenses. Fortunately for him, the NFC East is mostly soft serve anyway.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

DELICIOUS DEFENSESDak Prescott is not afraid of "vanilla" or "rocky road" defenses. Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback Dak Prescott has been one of the preseason's best stories, and the former Mississippi State star is confident he can handle anything that's thrown at him. Even pralines?

The five most injured teams in the NFL ... so far

1. Patriots -- They lost two offensive linemen and Dion Lewis within a week. Worse, Rob Gronkowski has been seen limping around and hasn't practiced for a week. And then there's Brady's suspension, but given the state of the AFC East, there's no reason to panic.

2. Bills -- Their woes started with first-round pick Shaq Lawson's shoulder surgery and have continued through Manny Lawson's suspension and Marcell Dareus' decision to enter rehab. After winning the offseason, they're losing training camp.

3. Colts -- It's not the length of the list, it's who's on it. Cornerback Vontae Davis is their best player on that side of the ball, and he's out indefinitely.

4. Chargers -- D.J. Fluker was seen with crutches and a walking boot, never a good sign. Joey Bosa still isn't practicing, but the Spanos' being cheap isn't his fault.

5. Steelers -- It's not so much the injuries as it is the suspensions. Le'Veon Bell is getting an NFL-mandated three-game break to start the season. Martavis Bryant is suspended for the year. Tight end Ladarius Green could fill the void of offensive weapons, but nobody seems to know what the hell is going on with his injury status.

DEZ IS MADDez Bryant says his Madden rating is an "insult." The new Madden NFL 17 gave Dez Bryant a rating of 90 out of 100, a perfectly fine score that put him among the top receivers. The Cowboys wideout, however, took exception to the rating.

TWITTER FIGHT! Stephen A. Smith and Martavis Bryant get into war of words on Twitter. The suspended Steelers receiver is not a big First Take fan.

SIEMIAN TIMEBroncos quarterback Trevor Siemian to start this week against the Rams. Despite getting the start, Kubiak states he's not in the lead.

MERMAIDS AT PRACTICERams DE Will Hayes believes in mermaids, so someone showed up to practice dressed as one. Sure.

TAMPA'S KICKER NEEDS HELPRoberto Aguayo is asking a lot of people to help fix his misses. Not a great start for the team's second-round pick.

KAP IS THROWINGColin Kaepernick is throwing again. The 49ers are seeing progress in Kaepernick’s return to throwing. Niners Nation breaks down the latest news.

COLTS SIGN CROColts sign cornerback Antonio Cromartie. Injuries have eaten into the Colts' corner depth, but Cro could be more than just a camp body.