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Tony Romo injured his back after 3 plays and Cowboys wisely refused to let him play through it

The preseason is not the time for heroics.

It must have felt really good for Cowboys fans to see Tony Romo back in uniform and on the field for a game, a preseason game, but a game nonetheless. Those good feelings lasted for three plays. Three plays. That's when Romo got hit from behind by Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril and went down hard, grabbing his back in pain.

The good news is that it doesn't seem to be a major injury for Romo. He walked over to the sidelines and even started warming up, pleading with Jason Garrett to get back in the game.

Garrett declined. Smart move. I'm sure Romo's anxious to get back on the field, but preseason isn't really the time for heroics.

Romo broke his collarbone before the end of the game in Week 2. He came back, for some reason, in Week 11 to try and help the 2-7 Cowboys make a run in the NFC East toilet bowl (eventual division winner Washington was only 3-5 at the time) but injured his shoulder again in Week 12.

It was just a scare this time. Garrett said at halftime that he doesn't think Romo's injury is "a serious thing."

Here's the hit:

Just how much faith do you have in Dak Prescott, Cowboys fans?

Probably a lot! The preseason sensation looked good again in relief of Romo. He put the Cowboys on the board with a touchdown throw to Jason Witten.

Even better, Ezekiel Elliott, making his preseason debut, ran like a dang Buick. He finished his night with seven carries, 48 yards and looked like he knew what he was doing as a blocker.

See, it's not all bad for the Cowboys, especially after the game when Romo said that he was feeling good:


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