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NFL preseason 2016 schedule: Yes, Raiders vs. Titans is the best game on Saturday

A second-year quarterback hoping to avoid a sophomore slump and an increasingly better Raiders team makes for the top preseason game on Saturday.

The third week of the NFL preseason is in full swing, and a full slate of games is set for Saturday. After that, there will be three games on Sunday and then it's on to Week 4, which shouldn't include any meaningful action for the starters. The NFL exhibition season gets its fair share of hate, but the third week of the preseason is as good as football gets until the regular season actually arrives.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears will get the day started at 1 p.m. ET and it will be broadcast nationally on NFL Network. It's one of two nationally broadcast games, followed by the showdown between the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders on CBS at 8 p.m.

Live streams of all preseason games are available via NFL Gamepass.

Starters from most of the teams on display should play at least through the first quarter on Saturday, while some could play into the second half. Chuck Pagano said he wants to treat the game as close to a regular season game as he can, so expect the Indianapolis Colts to play their starters well into the third quarter.

Below, you'll find notes about each game and how to watch Saturday's NFL action.

Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears
1 p.m. ET
National: NFL Network | Away: KCTV-CBS 5 | Home: WFLD-FOX 32

Despite some injuries, the Bears plan to play their starters for a lengthy period of time. Jay Cutler and the rest of the first-teamers -- those who are healthy enough, at least -- will likely play at least the first two quarters against Andy Reid's Chiefs. Quarterback Alex Smith continues to wear the game manager label, though the Chiefs insist he's capable of leading them to the Super Bowl. The AFC West could be wide open this season, so the question for the Chiefs is if they have what it takes to win the division for the first time since 2010.

Watchability -- 5/10: Seeing how the Chiefs fare this season might be interesting, but Smith isn't known for his exciting style of play.

Detroit Lions at Baltimore Ravens
7 p.m. ET
Away: WJBK-FOX 2 | Home: WBAL-NBC 11

Joe Flacco has been rehabbing an injury since November and he's just now healthy enough to play again. But rather than save him until the regular season, the Ravens are going to let Flacco take the field against the Lions on Saturday. They believe it will benefit Flacco to shake the rust off, though it's unclear how long he'll be out there. Meanwhile, the Lions want to see their starting offense put some points on the board.

Watchability -- 5/10: The Lions' offense doesn't look like it's going to play to its potential for yet another season and Flacco will likely play it very safe.

Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts
7 p.m. ET
Away: WCAU-NBC 10 | Home: WTTV-CBS 4

Andrew Luck made his preseason debut in Week 2 and he completed all eight of his passes. The Colts gave him a big contract extension this past offseason and feel that his struggles last year were an aberration. Luck will look to continue his strong play against a Philadelphia team unsettled at the wide receiver position, but with some key standouts on defense. Both teams should play starters into the third quarter.

Watchability -- 6/10: Luck's redemption is a good story, right?

New York Giants at  New York Jets
7:30 p.m. ET
WCBS-CBS 2 (New York)

Both the Giants and Jets could have some ups and downs this season, and this may only be the preseason, but setting the tone starts with Saturday's preseason game. They're local rivals, and their preseason exhibition games actually carry some real weight and value. Of particular note in Saturday's game: Victor Cruz is expected to play with the team's starters for the first time in just about two years.

Watchability -- 6/10: Both teams could wind up being terrible this season, but they sure do like to beat each other.

Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders
8 p.m. ET

The Raiders continue to be just on the cusp of being a good team. Derek Carr is the franchise quarterback and he should see plenty of playing time on Saturday. The defense figures to be the strength of the team though, and second-year quarterback Marcus Mariota and the Titans' offense should get a good test themselves against the Raiders. Fortunately, this game will be nationally broadcast.

Watchability -- 7/10: Yes, folks, a game between the Titans and Raiders is the most interesting game of Saturday. Times are changing!

Los Angeles Rams at Denver Broncos
9 p.m. ET
Away: KCBS-CBS 2 | Home: KTVD-My 20

Jared Goff! The No. 1 overall pick has some kinks to work out, mainly of the interception variety. Goff will be the future starter for the Rams, but if he wants it to happen sooner rather than later, he'll need to have a good showing Saturday night. Goff should get some time with the starters, though Case Keenum will get the start again and play a handful of series. The Broncos are also trying to sort out their own quarterback woes and it looks like, against all odds, Trevor Siemian might be the guy. If he can put up a good half against the Rams, it might just seal it.

Watchability -- 5/10: Bad quarterback play can be fun, but it's certainly not something to bank on.

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