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The Broncos might not even know who Mark Sanchez is

Denver named Trevor Siemian the starting quarterback. Was this program error a harbinger of doom for Sanchez?

Mark Sanchez appears to be the odd man out after not playing a single snap in the Broncos’ Week 3 preseason tilt against the Rams. On Monday, the team named Trevor Siemian the starting quarterback, and considering that rookie Paxton Lynch has also outplayed Sanchez in the preseason, it seems likely that Sanchez may not be with the Broncos for much longer.

Over the weekend, the Broncos had a team luncheon, and Sanchez shared a photo of the program via Instagram.

A photo posted by Mark Sanchez (@mark_sanchez) on

That’s not Mark Sanchez. That’s kicker Brandon McManus.

We’re not sure what happened here, but it’s possible the Broncos simply don’t even know who Mark Sanchez is. Perhaps they actively tried to forget about Sanchez after he fumbled the ball twice in a 45-second span against the 49ers in Week 2 of the preseason.

Or maybe the Broncos just really like Brandon McManus. According to McManus, the reason behind this error is probably just that he’s extremely handsome.

It’s also possible that McManus, who also appears in place of punter Riley Dixon, is magically multiplying, just like his teammate Von Miller did in this Madden promo.

Should the Broncos choose to part ways with Sanchez, it will be because of his performance on the field through the preseason, and this program won’t have a thing to do with it. Kudos to Sanchez, though, for maintaining a sense of humor about it.