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RG3 looks 'unbelievably believable' again

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The Browns quarterback is in vintage form, the same form we saw in 2012 when he won the ROY award.

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The anticipated RG3 comeback is on track in Cleveland, at least according to early camp reports. A crew from Pro Football Focus was in Berea, Ohio, to watch the Browns practice on Wednesday. They saw a quarterback who looked very much like the guy who won the Rookie of the Year award in 2012, "an impressive athlete with all the arm talent you could wish for ..."

Griffin hit fellow Baylor product Corey Coleman for a sweet touchdown pass during 11-on-11 drills. An end zone fade to Terrelle Pryor during another drill didn't work as well. So, maybe the secret is having him throw only to Baylor products? The Browns have Coleman and Josh Gordon, so that's an option.

The problem with RG3, as PFF saw it, is that he was still limited in going through his progressions, taking off if the first read was covered. But Hue Jackson's offensive game plan is designed to account for that.

I know RG3 can rub folks the wrong way with those obnoxious motivational quotes and whatnot, but I tune out all the other crap if he can play like the guy we saw in 2012. That version of RG3 was fun to watch, and isn't that why we do this in the first place?

FOLES'D AGAIN: Nick Foles is coming to the Chiefs. He's reunited with Andy Reid, giving the Chiefs another experienced veteran backup to replace Chase Daniel. This probably means the end of the line in KC for Aaron Murray and/or Tyler Bray.

Wait, what happened to the Cowboys? He reportedly had offers from Dallas and Minnesota, but Reid was apparently the deciding factor. If you're keeping track, that's the third time the Cowboys didn't get their quarterback this year, including failed efforts to trade up for Paxton Lynch and Connor Cook in the draft this year.

Dallas is said to be trying to entice Cleveland to deal Josh McCown, but the Browns are reluctant, as they probably should be given RG3's injury history.

YUM YUM BUMBLEBEE: The Steelers are retiring their "bumblebee" uniforms. A divisive third jersey meets its end this year.


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KEENUM IS THE STARTERJeff Fisher says Case Keenum is the Rams’ starter. Um, okay. Anything Fisher says about his quarterbacks -- from when he didn't know Keenum was concussed, to Sam Bradford/Nick Foles/Keenum/Jared Goff being franchise cornerstones --  is usually b.s.

NICE HAIRCUT: Ryan Fitzpatrick got a haircut. Fitzpatrick’s unruly mushroom-shaped coif is no more.

CUTLER'S COOL: Jay Cutler hopes Tom Brady can give Martellus Bennett everything he wants. Super chill Jay Cutler just wants the best for everyone.

THE NFL'S DRUG PROBLEMComfortably Numb: The NFL fell in love with a painkiller it barely knew. Players have depended on Toradol injections to keep them on the field for two decades. Now, the NFL could be facing its next health crisis because of it.

PARDONEDPresident Obama grants clemency to Demaryius Thomas' grandmother. The president also pardoned Thomas' mother for a nonviolent drug offense last year.

EASE UP ON THE MANCut Janoris Jenkins some slack already. Less than a week into training camp, Jenkins seems to have already drawn the ire of many in the fan base. Let’s calm down and give the guy a chance.

DUMB EAGLESDonovan McNabb says what the Eagles did at quarterback is "dumb." It feels like he's not entirely wrong here.

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