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Dolphins vs. Seahawks 2016, NFL picks and predictions: Experts unsurprisingly picking Seattle

Hardly anyone is giving the Dolphins a chance against the Seahawks in their season opener on Sunday.

The Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins are two vastly different teams. The Seahawks have enjoyed plenty of success in recent years, while the Dolphins have struggled in a tough division. Seattle's Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas form the core of a team that's the model of consistency.

Miami's Ryan Tannehill and Ndamukong Suh would like to establish that same model for the Dolphins, but it definitely needs some work. Tannehill, despite being a perfectly average quarterback over the years, hasn't been consistent and has yet to become the franchise player that the Dolphins envisioned.

Suh, on the other hand, is one of the most dominant defensive tackles in the league, but the Dolphins are paying him such an exorbitant sum of cash that he has to take charge of every single game to make him worth it, and that didn't happen last season. Suh did start to play well and come into his own as the season progressed, but at the beginning his signing was laughed at by many as he struggled against both the pass and run.

Experts over at CBS Sports don't have any faith in the Dolphins, with all eight picking the Seahawks to win Sunday's game. All nine of the ESPN experts also went with Seattle. There was one expert of the five picking for FOX Sports who thinks the Dolphins have a chance, though.

Here at SB Nation, it's unanimous among our panel.

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