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The Seahawks' comeback win was nothing without a little help from the Dolphins

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Both teams were kind of bad throughout this one, but Seattle found a way to get the win.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks looked like such an easy pick for your survivor pool this week. One of the best teams in the NFC, one that a lot of experts were picking as a Super Bowl contender, in Seattle against the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill. Ryan Tannehill for Pete's sake. Easy, right?

Apparently not. Somehow, in spite of themselves, the Seahawks got their 19th fourth-quarter comeback win with Russell Wilson at the helm.

In the third, it looked like the Seahawks were going to have to finish the game without Wilson, who got his ankle stepped on by Ndamukong Suh (it was an accident, really!). Fortunately for Seattle, Wilson came back in after a few plays, but it didn't make much of a difference.

Seattle had a 6-3 edge heading into the fourth quarter. Not much of an edge, but nothing that this defense couldn't work with, if only the offense might just give them a little breathing room. Instead, Miami put together a seven-play, 84-yard touchdown drive, leaving four minutes on the clock.

It had to be pretty disheartening for the Seahawks to see Earl Thomas miss a tackle on Damien Williams' 29-yard catch and run that set up Miami's touchdown. Thomas just doesn't miss tackles very often.


Seattle got it all the way down to Miami's 2-yard line. Twitter had all of its "handoff to Marshawn Lynch" jokes tweeted out. And then Wilson threw it to Doug Baldwin for the touchdown. Dan Fouts thought it wouldn't stand, but SHUT UP, FOUTS, it was good.

That was followed by a missed extra point because that's just kind of how this game went for Seattle. Still, the Seahawks overcame their trash offensive line, the quarterback's ankle injury, etc.

It probably doesn't hurt that they were playing the Dolphins, a franchise steeped in disappointment. If Miami didn't have a field goal blocked and everything else played out the way it did, Seattle would've lost on the missed extra point, but this was the Dolphins.

Is there a more Dolphins ending than Tannehill getting sacked inside his team's end zone on the very last play?

Potentially interesting side note: