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NFL Week 2 preview: Vikings debut Birdkiller Stadium with, uh, someone at quarterback

This week the Uffsides crew previews two Wild Card rematches, two games at "new" stadiums, and one lousy Monday Night Football game. They probably should have talked about Bucs-Cardinals instead.

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Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview the five best games of Week 2, including:

•Texans-Chiefs: In a rematch from Wild Card weekend -- perhaps the Texans will be able to get on the scoreboard this time. Odds look good with the additions of explosive RB Lamar Miller and rookie WR Will Fuller.

•Steelers-Bengals: Yet another rematch from Wild Card weekend is also the hottest rivalry in the league right now. While Bengals LB Vontaze Burfict will be serving the 2nd game of his suspension as fallout from that January game, there remains plenty of bad blood between the two teams, and Andy Dalton being back under center as opposed to AJ McCarron should ensure that this game will be all sorts of fun.

•Rams-Seahawks: The Rams play their first game back in Los Angeles since 1994 (and are still looking for their first points since then). In Pete Carroll's return to the Coliseum, he'll be counting on a swiss cheese offensive line to protect his banged up quarterback from Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn, while the Rams' Mickey Mouse passing game looks to put up their first points of the season. Offense.

•Vikings-Packers: The debut of the Vikings' new stadium will feature one of two retreads at quarterback for Minnesota trying to take down a deep Packers squad that looks to be back on track with Jordy Nelson back in the fold.

•Bears-Eagles: Carson Wentz will start his 2nd career game in this garbage Monday Night Football matchup. If he does well against another mediocre secondary, surely Eagles fans -- known for being pragmatic and rational -- will stay level-headed and composed.