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Mike Mularkey is bad for Marcus Mariota's career

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The Titans offense is a poor match for a quarterback with Mariota's skill set.

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An early look at Mike Mularkey’s outdated offense with Marcus Mariota. This is not a good thing for Mariota's career. Mularkey's offense leans too much on making Mariota run, but the passing game is having a far more deleterious effect on his career. Here's how Cian Fahey describes it:

"With a great quarterback, someone who can move in the pocket like Mariota does, someone who can manipulate coverages, throw against pressure and read through progressions like Mariota does, it's not smart to simplify your passing game," Fahey said. "Great quarterbacks need options. In today's NFL where the rules heavily favor the receivers, your goal should be to have as many receivers on the field as possible while letting the quarterback keep his eyes on them to find them."

Hey, that's not a good thing! If the Titans want to get behind Mariota and play their way back to relevance, they may need a new head coach before it's too late.


The Cowboys still can’t win without Tony Romo and other reasons for NFL fans to panic. Pump the brakes on eulogizing Darrelle Revis’ career, though.


Keyshawn Johnson said that "Jeff Fisher was forced to draft Jared Goff." Rams ownership wanted to make a splash. Jeff Fisher just wanted his draft picks. Neither Fisher or the team has said a peep about Keyshawn's allegation, and they won't. But it does make for some intriguing backdrop with reports of a potential contract extension coming.

The 49ers knew what the Rams offense was going to do as soon as the Rams did. The particulars of Monday night's shutout loss continue to haunt the Rams, leaving even more questions for the new team in Los Angeles.

John Clayton says Jeff Fisher is in line for a three-year extension from the Rams. The ESPN reporter suggested the Rams head coach's new deal would be announced along with Michael Brockers' contract. It's possible. At nine losses away from having more coaching losses than anyone else in NFL history, the Rams definitely don't want to let this one get away.


Sammy Watkins is questionable for Thursday night's game against the Jets. Also, Cordy Glenn will miss his first start in almost four years.

Ryan Fitzpatrick looking to reverse his struggles against the Bills. This time it's personal.

BRUUUUUUCE: The Bills are retiring Bruce Smith's number on Thursday, and he talked to SB Nation about just how special that is.


The Vikings won't name a starting quarterback.
Mike Zimmer won't name his starting quarterback ahead of a Week 2 tilt with the Packers. Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy expects the Vikings to start Sam Bradford over Shaun Hill. But it was Sam Bradford taking all the first team reps in practice.

WEEK 2 PREVIEW: NFL Week 2 preview: Vikings debut Birdkiller Stadium -- This week the Uffsides crew previews two Wild Card rematches, two games at "new" stadiums, and one lousy Monday Night Football game. They probably should have talked about Bucs-Cardinals instead.