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The story of a Chiefs fan's amazing artwork honoring his father's legacy

Chris Sembower's relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs runs deeper than a typical fan's. After becoming inspired by the powerful decibel levels that Arrowhead Stadium is known to generate, Sembower embarked on a journey to visually display that -- and turned his artwork into a profession to honor his father's memory.

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Every sports fan normally grinds out their 9-5 to then enjoy watching his/her team play, but only a rare few have the opportunity to connect the two. For Chris Sembower, the two have truly intersected and he has made a living and career out of being a die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Chris grew up in a creative and loving family, and, like most sons, enjoyed a special relationship with his father on Sundays as they cheered on their beloved Chiefs. This bond with his dad was something as a child that he enjoyed, but he would have never imagined it would be the driving force and inspiration for Chris' future.

We kick off this season of Fan Stories, presented by Fanatics, as we showcase Chris Sembower's story of being a die hard Chiefs fan to becoming an unbelievable artist creating lasting images for all sports fans. His passion led him to every sports fan's dream of working for the team he cheered on with his dad on Sundays.