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LeGarrette Blount made best friends with the Revolutionary War soldiers at the Patriots' stadium

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The touchdowns are coming! The touchdowns are coming!

Sometimes, one patriot isn't enough.

LeGarrette Blount has a team of dudes that look like they're fresh off a Revolutionary War battlefield to back him up when he scores.

These guys are known as the End Zone Militia, and they're actually full-time Revolutionary War reenactors, according to an ESPN feature.

They even fire off rounds from their muskets when the New England Patriots score. Every member has to be a registered reenactor in good standing for at least three years.

They stand behind each end zone during home games and cheer on the team like unofficial mascots, though they do spend a lot of time around the official mascot, Pat Patriot.

Blount just happens to be the biggest fan of the photo ops.

The End Zone Militia was there for him when he scored in the 2015 AFC Championship and when the Patriots played Washington on Nov. 8.

blount war afc champ

He apparently considers them part of his "swag," just like this beanie he wears.

Blount is allowed to celebrate touchdowns like this because these guys aren't his teammates. If they were, that would be another story. Just ask the Carolina Panthers.