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Carson Wentz did something no rookie QB has done since 1970

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Another night, another win for the Eagles and their starting quarterback.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It's Tuesday. We're recovering from an underwhelming Monday night game that saw the Eagles thump the hapless Bears.

Carson Wentz did enough to beat the Bears 29-14 and get the Eagles to 2-0. It was a strong showing for Philadelphia's rookie quarterback on Monday Night Football.

Wentz is the first rookie QB since 1970 to start and win his team's first two games ... without throwing an interception. He leads the list of Philly's big winners this week.

Jon Gruden can’t believe how good Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos is at magic. "You are awesome man. That's the greatest thing I've ever seen"

The Chicago Bears are 0-2. This was embarrassing, and the Bears have some soul-searching to do.

Jay Cutler left the game with an injured hand, and did not return. Jay Cutler was taken to the locker room after throwing an interception on Monday night.

Eagles players protest during national anthem before Monday Night Football. The protest was planned ahead of time and was expected by head coach Doug Pederson.


Can we overreact about Kirk Cousins, Seattle's offense, Oakland's defense, the 2-0 Giants? Seattle can't score, the Giants are awesome, the old Kirk Cousins is back, the Texans are world-beaters, the Raiders can't stop anything ... are we overreacting?

Bill Parcells was kind of a mentor to Jacoby Brissett. Don't think Bill Belichick overlooked that fact when he drafted him.

Sam Bradford was better than Aaron Rodgers, because the NFL makes no sense. Bradford’s Vikings debut illustrated how everything and nothing is like we expected in this year’s NFL.

Jeff Fisher doesn't care that Case Keenum is the worst QB in the NFL right now. He's sticking with him. And he's getting tired of answering those questions about Jared Goff: "So keep asking that every week if you want. You can ask it again, if you want."

Cody Kessler is the Browns’ new starting quarterback. Josh McCown is going to be out for awhile. But Kessler isn't along on the depth chart. He has a religious presence backing him up. The Browns signed Clipboard Jesus. And Charlie Whitehurst looked and said it was good.

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POWER RANKINGSThe Broncos are back on top of the weekly power rankings. Denver's defense doesn’t look like it has a weakness, and that’s a scary sign for the rest of the NFL.

JAGGIN' OFFGus Bradley not worried about job security. Maybe he should be.

NOT GOOD ENOUGHBruce Arians thought the Cardinals offense could've played much better in their 40-7 win. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was glad his team won but said there are plenty of things that could be done better.